These Companies Can Take the Early Lead in the Edge Computing Market

Edge computing is called to become one of the most important computing paradigms in the next decade of software applications. As a result, in the next few years we are likely to witness the emergence of a new group of platforms that power the next generation of edge computing solutions. Whether you are an enterprise evaluating edge computing initiatives of a venture capitalists interested in the space, developing a thesis about the edge computing market can become an important asset.

Looking for the AWS of Edge Computing

Edge computing is as exciting as it is challenging. The decentralized, autonomous of edge computing architecture introduce challenges unknown to most application development platforms. Furthermore, in order to gain relevant market share in the edge computing space, a platform provider should share a very unique set of characteristics such as the following:

1 — Dynamic Developer Community: I believe the next generation of edge computing platforms are going to emerge from companies that already have large and vibrant developers communities which can easily make the transition into the new trend. At least in the near future, building a brand new developer community in addition to achieving market credibility can result on an impossible challenge for startups in the edge computing space.

2 — Existing Platform Capabilities: Complementing the previous point, the first group of successful edge computing platforms is likely to emerge ass an extension to existing platforms with relevant capabilities in areas such as compute, storage, messaging, analytics and many other fundamental building blocks of edge computing solutions.

3 — Domain Expertise in Industrial-Decentralized Applications: A large percentage of the first generation of edge computing solutions will take place in the industrial enterprise space. Expertise in that domain or a relevant presence building decentralized applications will incredibly important for the success of the first group of edge computing platforms.

5 Companies Companies that can Lead the Edge Computing Platform Market

Below I’ve listed some examples of companies that are well positioned to gain relevant traction in the nascent edge computing space:

1 — Microsoft: Azure IOT Edge represents Microsoft’s first serious attempt in the edge computing space. Microsoft’s edge computing capabilities are initially delivered as an extension of the Azure cloud platform .

2 — Amazon: Similarly to Microsoft, Amazon has been developing edge computing capabilities to extend the AWS platform. AWS Greengrass is a primary example of AWS’ ventures into the edge computing space.

3 — Alphabet: Android, Nest, Waymo are some of Alphabet’s top assets in the edge computing space. Those assets plus the strong growth of the Google Cloud platform position Alphabet in a solid place to become a leader in the edge computing market.

4 — GE: GE Predix is one of the best adopted IOT platforms in the market which already include relevant edge computing capabilities. Additionally, GE’s unique expertise delivering edge computing solutions across different industries such as aerospace or manufacturing can result a unique advantage in its market position.

5 — Ethereum: Blockchain technologies can be a powerful enabler of edge computing solutions. Ethereum is in a unique position to extend some of its capabilities such as Smart Contracts or DAOs to edge devices. More than any other company, Ethereum has the opportunity to define a new type of blockchain-powered architecture as the standard for edge computing solutions.

CEO of IntoTheBlock, Chief Scientist at Invector Labs, I write The Sequence Newsletter, Guest lecturer at Columbia University, Angel Investor, Author, Speaker.

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