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Jesus Rodriguez
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📝 Editorial

The Consumer Electronic Show(CES) captures the tech headlines the first week of every year. For the last few years, AI has been front at center of CES but most of the highlighted focuses on, well, robotics and electronics. NVIDIA is one of the few tech incumbents that has achieved a leader positions in AI research, hardware-electronics as well as software. NVIDIA took full advantage of CES 2023 to unveil some of their latest AI efforts several of which, not surprisingly, are centered around generative AI.

The most exciting NVIDIA announcements came from the addition of generative AI 3D technologies to the Omniverse platform. NVIDIA Omniverse has become one of the most complete platforms for building metaverse applications and generative AI is now one of their key cornerstones. Omniverse now includes connectors to lead generative AI platforms such as for body movements, Lumirithmic for facial 3D meshes or Elevate3D for photorealistic 3D visualizations. NVIDIA also announced Get3D, a new generative AI model that can create 3D shapes with topology. That and many other interesting generative AI capabilities of the Omniverse platform are now available at the Omniverse AI ToyBox extension platform.

NVIDIA has one of the broadest spectrums in the world for deploying generative AI applications at scale. Omniverse is just an easy way to start.

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