The Security Token Anthology: December 2018 Edition

It’s the first month of 2019 and it’s time for another edition of the security token anthology. Below you will find the compilation of my writings in 2018. My first article about security tokens came out in May 2018 and seven months after we have a compilation of almost 50 articles(49 to be exact) that debate different aspects of the security token ecosystem. Last month, I outlined some of my perspectives about the security token market for 2019 in a two-part series and wrote a three-part article about debt protocols.

Happy reading.

About a Security Token Blockchain

· Do Security Tokens Need a New Blockchain? Part IV: How About a Sidechain?(November 2018):

· Do Security Tokens Need a New Blockchain? Part III: The Building Blocks(November 2018):

· Do Security Tokens Need a New Blockchain? Benefits and Challenges Part II(October 2018):

· Do Security Tokens Need a New Blockchain? Benefits and Challenges [Part I](October 2018):

About the Security Token Market Dynamics

· 20 Controversial Observations (Not Predictions) About Security Tokens in 2019: Part II(December 2018):

· 20 Controversial Observations (Not Predictions) About Security Tokens in 2019: Part I(December 2018):

· Thin Protocols, Lack of Network Effects and A Theory of Value for Security Tokens(December 2018):

· Clearing Through the Hype: The Inevitable Series A Crunch Facing Security Token Startups(November 2018):

· The Biggest Dilemma in Security Tokens: Infrastructure vs. Applications(November 2018):

· The Future of Security Tokens: Myths and Realities(October 2018):

· 20 Ideas About Security Tokens That Most People Disagree With Part II(September 2018):

· 20 Ideas About Security Tokens That Most People Disagree With Part I(September 2018): -ideas-about-security-tokens-that-most-people-disagree-with-part-i-df86650fe55b

· Want to Understand Security Tokens? Look at this Market Taxonomy(July 2018):

· The Launch of Open Finance and the Day Security Tokens Became Real(July 2018):

· What We Need To Enable The Security Token Thesis(May 2018):

· Security Tokens vs. Fat Protocols(May 2018):

· A Taxonomy for Understanding Tokenized Illiquid Assets and Security Tokens(May 2018):

About Security Token Platforms

· Platforms vs. Networks: Decentralization Vectors in Security Tokens(December 2018):

· Against Security Token Standards(November 2018):

· Some Cool Protocols to Consider for the Next Generation of Security Token Platforms(October 2018):

· The Blocks of a Security Token Platform(June 2018):

About Financial Protocols and Security Tokens

· Cashflow on the Blockchain Part III: Reimagining Debt with Security Tokens(December 2018):

· Cashflow on the Blockchain Part II: A Protocol for Tokenized Debt(December 2018):

· Cashflow on the Blockchain Part I: Tokenized Debt and Security Tokens(December 2018):

· Three Non-Trivial Capabilities of Derivatives that can Unlock the Potential of Security Tokens(November 2018):

· The Security Token Derivatives are Coming(June 2018):

· How to Value a Security Token? Part I: Factors to Consider(July 2018):

· Five Simple Features that can Improve the Current Generation of Security Token Platforms(September 2018):

· The Case Against Security Tokens in Ethereum(September 2018):

About Disclosures

· About Disclosures and Information Asymmetry in Security Tokens(November 2018):

About Liquidity

· Some Big Picture Thoughts About Liquidity and Security Tokens(
November 2018):

About Voting and Governance

· Security Tokens 2.0: About On-Chain Governance [Part II](October 2018):

· Security Tokens 2.0: Some Thoughts Off-Chain vs. On-Chain Governance(October 2018):

· Liberal Radicalism and Security Tokens: Quadratic Voting as a Governance Protocol(September 2018):

· What Blockchain Technologists Should Know About Voting Theory(August 2018):

· A Different Way to Think About Security Tokens: Programmable Regulation(July 2018):

· These Three New Trends in Game Theory could Be Part of the Next Big Blockchain(July 2018):

· · Voting and Governance in Security Tokens(June 2018):

About Oracles

· The Middleman of Trust: The Oracle Paradox and Five Protocols that can Bring External Data into the Blockchain(July 2018):

About Security & Privacy

· Bulletproofs: The New Kid in Blockchain Security Land(October 2018):

· The Elephant in the Room: Security and Privacy Protocols in Security Tokens(October 2018):

· From Ethereum to Enigma: Understanding Privacy Protocols in the Blockchain(July 2018):

About The Security Token 2.0 Thesis

· Security Tokens 2.0(August 2018): Four Protocols that can Power the Next Wave of Tokenized Securities:

· Security Token 2.0 Protocols Part III: Fund and DerivativeTokens(September 2018):

· Security Token 2.0 Protocols Part II(September 2018): Hybrid Tokens(August 2018):

· Security Token 2.0 Protocols: Debt Tokens(August 2018):

· The Security Token 2.0 Stack(August 2018):

About Security Token Consensus

· Why Security Token Need a Different Type of Consensus?(September 2018):

· Some Ideas About a Consensus Protocol for Security Tokens: Part I:

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