Some Obvious Predictions About the IOT Platform Market in 2017

Continuing with our series of predictions about technology markets in 2017, today I would like to focus on the internet of things(IOT) platform space.

2016 was a very active year in the IOT platform market with plenty of new releases, acquisitions and innovative technologies. During last year, incumbents such as GE, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft solidified their market positions while many innovative startups came to market trying to focus on specific capabilities of IOT platforms. 2017 promises to be a year driven by the mainstream adoption of IOT platforms in industrial environments as well as the proliferation of platforms for areas such as wearable’s and home automation.

Let’s look at some general predictions about the IOT platform market in 2017.

3 Obvious Predictions About the IOT Market in 2017

1 — IOT Platform Incumbents Extend Their Market Dominance: IBM, GE, Microsoft, Amazon, PTC are some of the IOT platform incumbents which are likely to continue thriving in 2017 increasing their market lead over other companies and startups in the space.

2 — AI Becomes an Integral Component o fIOT Platforms: Artificial Intelligence(AI) will become an essential component of IOT platforms in the form of integrated cognitive services in areas such as vision, voice, natural language, etc.

3 — M&A and Market Consolidation Continues: The number of IOT platform startups with innovative technologies that have failed to achieve market relevance and the healthy balance sheet of the IOT incumbent companies continues contributing to a favorable climate for M&A in 2017.

Let’s now look at some predictions for some of the IOT platform leaders.

3 Obvious Predictions for IOT Platform Vendors


1 — Cognitive Services Integrates with Azure IOT Suite: It is very likely that this year Microsoft will add AI-first capabilities to the Azure IOT Suite powered by the integration with the Microsoft Cognitive Services stack.

2 — Azure IOT Suite Goes On-Premise: This year Azure IOT Suite should be added to the Azure Stack hybrid platform.

3 — A Windows-based, IOT-First OS: A version of Windows optimized for wearable’s sounds interesting. Something to compete with Android Things.


1 — Greengrass Becomes a Favorite of IOT Device Manufacturers: Launched in 2016, AWS Greengrass is a unique offering for IOT device manufacturers which is likely to see a lot of traction this year.

2 — Cognitive Services Integrate with AWS IOT: This year is likely that AWS will integrate its new suite of cognitive-AI services into its IOT platform.

3 — New IOT Serverless Middleware: With technologies such as Lambda Step Functions, AWS is in a unique position to deliver a new type of serverless middleware to IOT solutions.


1 — New IOT Vertical Solutions: This year, we should expect new industry solutions powered by the Watson IOT platform.

2 — Watson IOT Goes On-Premise: In 2017, IBM should streamline Watson IOT support for on-premise infrastructures.

3 — Watson IOT Hardware: Don’t be surprised if we see a new generation of industrial devices powered by the Watson IOT platform.


1 — New AI Services: Given GE’s recent acquisition such as it is likely that we will see a new group of cognitive services added to the Predix platform.

2 — More Industrial Hardware: In 2017, GE should continue investing in hardware solutions to simplify the implementation of Predix in industrial environments

3 — New IOT Vertical Solutions: No surprise here…In 2017, GE will continue investing on industry-specific IOT solutions powered by the Predix platform.

CEO of IntoTheBlock, Chief Scientist at Invector Labs, I write The Sequence Newsletter, Guest lecturer at Columbia University, Angel Investor, Author, Speaker.

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