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From the Editor: Machine Learning Frameworks for Mainstream Developers

Machine learning is, without a doubt, one of the most important skills to master for software developers. However, machine learning is still perceived as a discipline that requires a deep computer science and mathematical knowledge. That same perception is preventing mainstream developers to deep dive into machine learning which is hurting the growth in the space.

For machine learning to go mainstream, we need the adoption of frameworks by mobile and web developers and for that we need simpler frameworks. Recently, Google Research published a study outlining some guidelines for the design of machine learning frameworks that can be adopted by a broader range of developers. Capabilities such as model reuse, best practices abstractions or simply better tooling made it to the top of the list. One thing is certain, mainstream machine learning adoption will require a different type of framework.

Now let’s take a look at the core developments in AI research and technology this week:

AI Research

Converting Text to Images

Amazon AI researchers published a paper outlining a method that uses adversarial neural networks to generate images from text.

>Read more in this blog post from Amazon Research

Better Machine Learning Frameworks

Google AI researchers published a paper outlining some guidelines for designing machine learning frameworks that can be used by mainstream developers.

>Read more in this blog post from Google Research

Alliances in Reinforcement Learning

DeepMind published a research paper that proposes a model of economic competition to foment alliances in multi-agent environments.

>Read more in the DeepMind research paper

Cool AI Tech Releases

Kubeflow 1.0

Open source machine learning platform Kubeflow finally reached version 1.0.

>Read more in this blog post from the Kubeflow team

Uber VerCD

Uber unveiled details about its infrastructure for versioning and managing machine learning models.

>Read more in this blog post from the Uber engineering team

AI in the Real World

High Performance AI Chips

Alphabet X’ Tidal

Alphabet R&D arm X unveiled Tidal, an underwater camera system that can detect behavior in fish populations.

>Read more in this blog post from the Alphabet X team

Mind Controlled Prosthetics

AI researchers from the University of Michigan shared a new proof of concept that uses machine learning to interpret nerve signals to control a prosthetic hand.

>Read more in this coverage from MIT Technology Review

Autonomous Ship to Cross the Atlantic

IBM and Promare are planning to test an AI-powered maritime navigation system to send ship across the Atlantic.

>Read more in this coverage of VentureBeat

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