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From the Editor

Who are the minds at the forefront of artificial intelligence(AI) development? The history of AI and movements like deep learning are the history of patient men and women that were able to stay focused at the time the world have given up on the promise of AI.

This week, bestselling author Marin Ford published a new book that includes a series of interviews to some of the top minds in the AI industry. Under the catchy title: “Architects of Intelligence”, the book explores the past, present and future of the AI movement from the perspective of some of its t6op protagonists.

Now let’s take a look at the core developments in AI research and technology this week:

AI Research

Researchers from ElementAI published an article detailing techniques to secure neural networks against adversarial attacks.

>Read more in this blog post from ElementAI

Researchers from University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University and the Allen Institute for AI published a paper that proposes a framework for understanding the reasoning capabilities in natural language processing(NLP) agents.

>Read the research paper here

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University proposed a new method for measuring generalization in deep neural networks.

>Read the research paper here

Cool Tech Releases

At the Consumer Electronics Show(CES), IBM Research showcased the first application of Project Debater. Named Speech by Crowd, the AI system crowdsources opinions about specific toipcs and is able to debate both sides of an argument.

>Read more about is in this blog post from IBM Research

The Facebook AI Research(FAIR) team summarized some of their accomplishments last year.

>Read more in this blog post from the FAIR team

LinkedIn’s engineering team detailed how they scale machine learning workflows within the organization.

>Read more in this blog post from LinkedIn engineering

AI in the Real World

Best selling author Martin Ford published his new book Architects of Intelligence as a compilation of some of the top minds in the AI industry.

>You can find the book here

A team from MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab has been working on understanding how neural networks organize concepts and the results and pretty shocking.

>Read more in this article from MIT Technology Review

Harvard Magazine provide a comprehensive coverage of the role of ethics in AI

>Read more in this article from Harvard Magazine

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