If the Blockchain is the Next Internet then we Should Answer These Five Questions

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Comparing the blockchain to the internet is a popular analogy within blockchain proponents. At the end, the blockchain represents one of the major breakthroughs in computer science since….well, the inception of the web. Instead of exchanging content, the blockchain provides the building blocks for exchanging other assets such as money or trust. The International Monetary Fun (IMF) recently published a study calling the blockchain The Internet of Trust.

Just like the internet in the 1990s, the infrastructure of the blockchain is being built these days. Just like the internet, we should expect the blockchain to power a new generation of companies that create technologies that transform entire generations and become pivotal in the world’s socioeconomic affairs.

Wel, if we subscribe to the theory that the blockchain can be a new type of internet, we should try to think about what are going to be those technologies and companies that will become foundational to the blockchain. Here are a few ideas…

Who will be the Netscape of the Blockchain?

If the blockchain is the next internet, what will be the next browser. Netscape expanded the access of information via the internet beyond the constrainsts of academic institutions or research facilitiaties. Today, the access of information of the blockchain is constrained to domain-specific applications. Certainly, the idea of a universal browser for the blockchain makes a lot of sense.

Who will be the Google of the Blockchain?

Google is organizing the world’s information and making it available through simple search mechanisms. In the same way, finding information in the blockchain requires very specific skillsets. Indexing and enabling searching data in the blockchain will open the door to a new generation of applications.

Who will be the Amazon and EBay of the Blockchain?

Amazon and EBay made e-commerce a reality. The blockchain provides the foundation for a new type of e-commerce without the need to centralized authorities. Just like Amazon and EBay, we should expect a new group of companies to transform e-commerce using the blockchain as the underlying infrastructure.

What will be the HTML-Javascript of the Blockchain?

HTML and Javascript made web programming possible for millions of engineers. Today, the blockchain developer community only includes a few thousand hackers that are skillful enough to program in the complicated programming frameworks and infrastructures that are required today to build blockchain applications. As the blockchain evolves, we should expect that the emergence of new programming languages and frameworks that will become the universal language of the blockchain.

Who will be the Cisco of the Blockchain?

The Cisco name is a resemblance of communication. For three decades, Cisco’s equipment has been powered networking infrastructure worldwide. In the blockchain world , we should expect a new generation of companies that power the infrastructure to enable blockchain communications around the world.

CEO of IntoTheBlock, Chief Scientist at Invector Labs, Guest lecturer at Columbia University, Angel Investor, Author, Speaker.

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