20 Key Points About Ethereum Part IV

This is the final post on our series of key observations about the Ethereum platforms. Like the previous ones, we are covering a few elements that are often misunderstood about Ethereum. On purpose, we are not trying to provide in depth explanations of any topic but rather highlighted as an point that should be considered for people learning more about Etheruem. Today we cover points 16 to 20:

16-Smart-Contracts can be Executed Off-Chain

Ethereum supports the execution of smart contracts outside the blockchain. this pattern is based on storing the opscode and data for the contracts in the blockchain while the execution is handle by an outside process.

17-Ethereum is Technology Behind Many BaaS Platforms

Most blockchain as a service(BaaS) stacks such as Bluemix, Azure or AWS are based on or related to Ethereum. From the market perspective, this represents a very strong validation of the capabilities of Ethereum.

18-The DAO Attack Changed Ethereum

The well-documented DAO heist that took place a few months ago was a major moment for Ethereum. After the incident, the Ethereum community spitted in two and a new project was born: Ethereum Classic.

19-Ethereum is Supported by Different Companies

Most notably, the Ethereum Foundation, EtCore and Consensys. Each of those companies support different components of the Ethereum platform. Other organizations are also taking ownership of new elements of the project.

20-Ethereum as Built an Impressive Developer Community\

In the last few years, Ethereum has nurture a very dynamic developer community. Complementary, Ethereum has been able to establish partnerships with top software companies such as Microsoft, IBM or Amazon as well as system integrators such as Accenture or Infosys. All these developments represent a strong validation of the Ethereum technology and its market.

I hope you enjoyed this series of posts about Ethereum. If you did, feel free to send me or share your feedback.

CEO of IntoTheBlock, Chief Scientist at Invector Labs, I write The Sequence Newsletter, Guest lecturer at Columbia University, Angel Investor, Author, Speaker.

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